“To facilitate and promote the rich heritage, culture and interests of the communities in Hamilton and surrounding areas”



As a community driven organization, established in Hamilton, HMS believes that giving back to the community all that we can offer must be the goal that we as fellow citizens must pursue.

We intend to facilitate volunteerism, promote youth and seniors programs, organize cultural events and continue to support sustainable and safe neighbourhood.

Hamilton Malayalee Samajam (HMS) is a non-profit, non-political, secular, and shall:

 (1) Organize social activities and cultural programs designed to promote cultural integration with other ethnic communities and community at large.

(2) Promote the social and cultural traditions and talents of the people of Kerala (India) origin in our community.

(3) Organize health, sports and other recreational activities for children, adults and seniors.

(4) Organize educational seminars for the benefit of the community.

(5) Provide educational counselling and other support services for immigrants and refugees in need.

(6) Provide programs to promote the health, welfare, educational, and social needs of the seniors.

(7) Provide community services for the needy in this community and assist the efforts of other approved charitable organizations and not-for-profit organizations.

(8) Carry on its activities without the intention of gain for its members and any profits or gain generated shall be used for promoting its objectives.

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