FOKANA Regional Spelling Bee Competition

HMS has received a request from FOKANA to inform our membership of an opportunity to register for a Regional Spelling Bee Competition. The details are as in the email below. If anyone is interested please inform the HMS by emailing to with the following information before April 20, 2018 so that the information can be passed on to FOKANA before the deadline: Participant's Name, Age, Grade, Name of the Parent, Parent's Birth place in Kerala, Parent's email, Parent's phone no.

Dear President,

I would like to invite you and the members of your association to participate in the upcoming FOKANA Regional Spelling Bee competition. The Spelling Bee competition will be held on Saturday April 28th, 2018 at 2pm.

The Spelling Bee competition is conducted in conjunction with Toronto Malayalee Samajam’s “Kerolosavam”. The venue is Michael Power St. Joseph High School 105 Eringate Dr. Etobicoke.

 Winners of the Regional Competition will receive the Cash Prizes. 1st Prize $500.00, 2nd Prize $300.00 and 3rd Prize $200.00. Three Regional Winners can also  participate  in the  Finals  in Philadelphia  during FOKANA  National Convention. First prize  $2000.00, Second  prize  $1000.00  and  Third  prize $500.00

 All Malayalee students from Grade 5 to Grade 9 are eligible and can participate  in the  FOKANA Regional Spelling Bee competition.

 Following is the format of the questions.

 Test   consists  of  50   correct  spelled  words and 50   Misspelled  words.   

 Sample 1 Choose  the  Correct   Word

Q1.    A. Adminestration   B. Administration .    C. Admenistratiuon.  D.  Admienestration.

Correct  answer  is   B.

 Sample 2.  Choose  the  Combination of  Misspelled  words.

Q1.  1. Estemable.   2. Estimable.    3.  Estimeble.

 a)  1  ,     b) 1  and   2  ,   c)   1  and  3  .  d)  2  and  3   e) 1,2, and  3.

Correct  answer  is   C

 Spelling Bee competition is NOT limited to FOKANA Member Associations, but open to all Malayalee Students.

 All Participants are required to register their names through your association on or before April 21st , 2018.

 I have attached a sample Registration form, please have it filled and send back to me before the deadline.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Thanks and Regards


Baiju Pakalomattam

FOKANA Regional Vice President.


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